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This is your time to be Born Again. Leave the darkness behind and come to the light.

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Clarke Smith is a Born-Again Brother that Jesus changed to bring light.

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Jesus' Apostles - True Born Again Doctrine

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God made a plan before time started, to give us Eternal Life. He knew man would sin. So, God's plan was to pay for All of our sins, Himself. As man looked away from God's commands, God still loved the World so much, that he came to this world Himself, in flesh. He took all those sins to the cross, then he started his church on Pentecost Day, as the Holy Ghost filled 120 saints. Peter stood up and said the words of our Jesus, who built the First Church, for them, and All of us. That day 3,00 others obeyed the First Church of God. After that day, the Apostle's Doctrine was spread throughout the world. Apostle Paul was the light starter to the World. As he wrote most of the New Testament, with the other Apostles, the church's doctrine was the true doctrine. Then for around 1,400 years, the Apostle's Doctrine was lost, until the early 1900s, around 1928. The Apostle's Doctrine Church started again baptizing, in Jesus' lovely name, for the remission of sins, laying on hands, spoke in tongues, as they received the Holy Ghost, this Apostolic Church, true churches began.

From Pentecost Day, now 2023, just about 100 years, our God gives His Holy Ghost (Spirit) to all who obey. Jesus is again calling his Church before His coming. To all who are afar off, we all must be born of Water and Spirit. Yes, there are still Apostles preaching true churches now in this time. If you like, call Pastor Joyce Meyer, Bishop T.D. Jake, C.F. Dollar, Robert Morris, J Franklin, Leon Fontain, Joseph Prince, they all speak in tongues when they receive the Holy Ghost. Peter said for all, this is your time in life to be truly Born Again of Water and Spirit. You must search the scriptures, don't stay in the Devil's darkness, come to the light.

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About the Author

Clarke Smith

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I'm just a Born-Again Brother that Jesus changed to bring light, as Apostle Paul started, to all the world, even to us, who are afar off.

Come to the light while there is time. Soon this world shall end. Be with the 120 saints, plus 3,000 and all that obey John 3:3-5 and ACTS 2:37-42. The church that Jesus built on Pentecost Day, is still calling us all. Get your name in the book of LIFE, not second death. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and life. Not just repent. John already had them Baptized for repentance. So, don't stop, get re-baptized in Jesus' name, and speak in tongues as ye receive the Holy Ghost, for all, far off days.